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Gold Coast Business Coaching – An Unusual Business Coaching Story…

If you would like to know how someone can start with an ordinary business… and then… generate over a million dollars in as little as one year (and can show you exactly how to do it)… this is going to be one of the most interesting messages you will ever read.



Here is why: Blair Harding is not your average Gold Coast Business Coach. Until recently, he was the owner of several multi-million dollar businesses including a day spa on James Street in Brisbane, a luxury mountain retreat overlooking the Gold Coast, and a property development company with more than $10M+ in developments. He’s since sold all 3 businesses (except for the retreat – he just can’t bear to let that go – it’s too profitable… and requires only 1 hour a week input from him) and has ‘retired’ from traditional business – for the second time.
That’s right – he was a self-made multi-millionaire at the age of 26. But like most successful entrepreneurs, he couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch the game.   
Listen carefully. This is the part where I tell you about…
A Chance Meeting That Could Make You Rich
Blair Harding is exceptionally ‘driven’. But at the same time he’s as down-to-earth as they come. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s by no means a  stranger to hard work, his first business was spray painting stencilled house numbers on curbs, selling this service door to door whilst still in school making $1500 per week for three hours work a day.  It was back then that friends and family started asking Blair for help and advice (his first taste of informal business coaching on the Gold Coast).
Call it chance – or perhaps destiny – when one of Blair’s associates mentioned the idea of business coaching.  Blair researched ALL the coaching systems in the world and soon discovered there was really only one choice – the biggest and the best – ActionCOACH Business Coaching. 
The Best of the Best
In the entire history of ActionCOACH, with over 2,000 coaches worldwide, Blair is the only coach to reach their prestigious Diamond Coach Level within 12 months. That means he gets results for his clients – fast. 
Like the computer company he helped to triple. The owners hadn’t had a holiday in 8 years. With Blair’s help they enjoyed a break with their 2 young children. A holiday they’d been dreaming of all their life. Or the Brisbane hotel – within months Blair increased their occupancy from 48% to 92% while putting their nightly rate up 134%. Imagine what that did to profits!
Blair regularly helps clients get results like this because he’s willing to do " WHATEVER IT TAKES" (a phrase he uses often) to help you reach your goals, even if it means confronting the issues you have been avoiding. 
Are You Comfortable Talking In Millions?
Blair now ranks in the top 1% of business coaches in the whole world. His business coaching Gold Coast clients regularly enjoy staggering business growth, often doubling and tripling in less than a year. (See video footage of clients explaining their results at the bottom of this page). If the idea of doubling your business and earning over a million dollars a year makes you feel uncomfortable, Blair is most definitely NOT the Gold Coast Business Coach for you. There are lots of other Business coaches on the Gold Coast – even coaches listed on this website – who will suit you better. 
Been There… And Done It Successfully
Imagine having specific guidance from a business coach who has been where you are, and cracked the code to super-success. Imagine having the right person to bounce ideas off – to save you from wasting time and money on the wrong ideas. Imagine having somebody to keep you accountable and adjust your path each week to keep you on track to achieving your goals.
Remember, EVERY successful person (whether they be business owners, athletes or entertainers) has a coach. Sure, we can read all the books, go to all the seminars, and try to do it all on our own. But reality is we can’t be experts at everything. And often, we’re too close to our own business to see the opportunities (and the risks). We ALL need external, analytical input. And we simply achieve more when we get it. 
But be warned: Before you give a Business Coach a single cent, make sure you ask if they’ve actually built a million dollar business of their own. Although well meaning, most Gold Coast business coaches simply do not have the coal-face experience of running multiple successful businesses. Blair has. He has had all the day-to-day challenges of running multi-million dollar business. The same challenges you’re currently facing. He has overcome them. And he can help you do the same.   
Although people from all around Australia ask for Blair’s help, he only personally coaches a select few. And he charges thousands per month for his advice (weekly coaching starts at $3,300 per month – although he does run group coaching at much lower rates). 
The fact is… he delivers value like no other coach on earth. That means… he helps people get rich!
May Not Be Right For You
Blair’s business coaching on the Gold Coast is not for everybody. Frankly, it’s NOT for people who are…
·         Happy to grow slowly: Blair knows the power of action. It’s made him rich. And it’s added millions to his clients’ businesses.    Through business coaching he’ll give you the strategies, tools and support to grow fast. But he won’t slow down to make you feel comfortable.
·         Fear or resist change: Blair believes you are where you are because of what you’ve done up to this point. And doing the same things – over and over – will just get you the same result. You MUST do things differently. It’s okay to feel nervous about that. But if your nerves turn to fear… and fear turns to resistance or paralysis – you’ll stay ordinary forever. Gold Coast business coach Blair teaches you how to embrace your nervous energy and use it to empower actions. The result? You’ll discover how to transform your business and your life.       
·         Want to dabble: If you are not deadly serious about becoming rich, don’t waste your time even talking with Blair. He’ll just frustrate you. Blair is stunningly passionate about success, and he’s laser-beam focused. If you feel uneasy about adopting his passion and focus – forget it.
·         Want a shoulder to cry on: If you’re looking for a psychological counselor, Blair suggests you can find somebody else for one tenth the price he’ll charge. Blair is very clear about this: he is not interested in making you feel better – he wants to make you rich.
·         Shonky: If you or your product are dodgy in any way, stop reading right now. Blair is 100% ethical and honest and will only work with people who share his highest values. 
Do You Qualify?
Blair’s business coaching services on the Gold Coast are for people who…
·         Are sick and tired of being ordinary: If you’ve ‘had enough’ of being average… and having an average business… and you are deadly serious about making this year THE YEAR to really MAKE THINGS HAPPEN… you might be ready for Blair’s coaching. This could be YOUR year.
·         Are excited about achieving success quickly: If your eyes light up at the thought of doubling your business in less than 12 months… and preparing to sell out for a huge windfall, or hire a manager and receive passive income… you’ll love what Blair teaches in his business coaching sessions. 
·         Embrace the idea of delayed gratification: If you don’t mind digging in and doing some serious short-term work now, so you can enjoy massive long-term rewards for the rest of your life, this could be just what you’ve been looking for. With Blair’s guidance you’ll understand WHAT you need to work on… and you’ll see exactly HOW to achieve the results you’ve dreamed of. It won’t be easy. But it may set you up for a whole new life.
·         Are fed up with staff problems: If’ you’re sick of having staff take advantage of you – and you’d love to know how to find a reliable team who can run (and grow) your business while you are not there… Blair’s help will be a godsend. Imagine being able to take holidays – for months at a time – and come back to a business that’s better than ever (and making more money). Hard to believe? Blair won’t start a business of his own unless it can operate this way. And he’ll show you how to do it.
·         Want freedom: Do you want to pay off your house, buy several investment properties, and set yourself up for life – all in the next few years? Whether you’re 25 or 65, this is possible. Imagine the choices you’ll have. Go to work – don’t go to work. Travel – where do you want to go? Others do it. Why not you?   
·         Want to be extraordinary: Are you tired of feeling average? Do you want to know HOW to be extraordinary – and do you want a REAL role model to follow? If you’re prepared to listen to specific guidance and DO WHAT IT TAKES to be exceptional, you just may amaze yourself. You’ll certainly amaze your friends and family.
·         Impatient: Blair is extremely impatient and only works with people who are impatient. If you want to grow your business FAST… increase your profits FAST… achieve your goals FAST… you and Blair will be a force to be reckoned with. 
Excited… But A Little Unsure
Look, it’s okay to feel nervous. You’re about to begin the climb of your life. But you have to know, you’re following in the footsteps of others who have paved the way. Blair is NOT one of the normal Business Coaches on the Gold Coast. If you’ve read this far, surely you know that by now. His advice is proven – by other great entrepreneurs over the years… and in his own businesses. 
Blair wasn’t always rich. He grew up in an average Australian home. But in his early twenties, he set some specific goals and decided – no, he RESOLVED — to do whatever work was needed to make them happen. Maybe it’s your time to set some specific goals and RESOLVE to make them happen. 
Doubting – Will You Ever Achieve The Success You Desire?
Perhaps you’ve set goals before and been disappointed by the results. Perhaps you’ve been putting things off for years – hoping for success — but as the years pass you wonder if it’s ever going to happen. Or maybe you’ve felt let down by so-call gurus in the past — people who promised the world but delivered nothing more than fancy theories.   
Blair does NOT guarantee to make you successful. You are responsible for your success. Don’t even think about blaming anybody. It won’t help you. But Blair does promise to teach you HOW to have a successful business… and to SHOW YOU THE WAY. 
He’s worked with over 117 businesses and has perfected a step-by-step system for teaching his powerful methods. Listen carefully. Embrace his ideas. And most importantly TAKE ACTION. And you can join Blair and his clients in achieving your dreams.
Platinum Business Coaching – Minimum $3,300 Per Month
To apply for one-on-one Business Coaching with Blair Harding, fill out the application below. Blair’s assistant will contact you and walk you through the application process.
If $3,300 is out of your reach (even though the value you receive is worth tens of thousands) Blair’s Business Mastery Group Coaching may suit you better. Phone 0417 992 791 to find out more.
Ready… Set… Stop And Think
Need more information? Need time to think? Look – you don’t have to decide today. If you’re second guessing yourself, perhaps it’s better to wait. Take a few months to try things again yourself. Grit your teeth. Set some goals. Try to come up with a plan. Attempt to pull your team together. Take a deep breath and give it all you’ve got.
But you already know what’s going to happen, don’t you? You’ve tried this before. And it’s never worked. All you do is waste months, burn money, and end up exhausted and disheartened. 
The truth is it doesn’t have to be that hard. Success is a formula. It’s a proven, systematic, step-by-step process. You just need to know which steps to take. You’re already an expert at what you do in your business. Now, let a genuine Business Coach take you to the next level so you can start to enjoy your business again. Rekindle the dreams you had when you first started your business. 
Ready… Set… Go
Do you want this year to be YOUR YEAR? – the year you finally MAKE THINGS HAPPEN? Tony Robbins says you should never make a decision or set a goal without taking immediate action towards achieving it. If you’re serious about putting the past behind you and doing what it takes to make this year the year you really make it – the year you look back on as the turning point – take action right now. 
Pick up the phone right now and call Blair direct on 0417 992 791
By the way, the results detailed above are NOT ordinary and should not be expected by every business owner. That’s because Blair is NOT ordinary. He is extraordinary. And the business owners who get the best results become extraordinary too.
As a client of Blair’s you are completely covered by his rock-solid, 17 week, 7 point guaranteed – backed by the world’s largest coaching organization.   

The ActionCOACH Guarantee

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We Guarantee to get results, and that you’ll be able to "Find our Fee" in your business within 17-weeks of ActionCOACH coaching your company … or your coaching is FREE.
Our coaching programs have been tested and proven all over the world, so when you hire an ActionCOACH, you WILL get results. Whether it is in terms of more time, a better team or more money … read more
We Guarantee to tell the truth about you and your business … no matter how uncomfortable it may be, or how hard it is to share with you the realities of your business and the changes you need to make.
When you hire an ActionCOACH, you will have the "unreasonable friend" and personal business mentor you and your business need to succeed. You will be held accountable for … read more
We Guarantee you a "business re-education" about how your business really works and how to successfully grow your company … as well as how to apply your new education and knowledge to any business situation.
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We Guarantee a proven system and methodology that is designed to multiply profits in your business, with complete access to our proprietary system of coaching strategies, systems, programs and services…
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DID YOU KNOW…. 44% of the Business Leaders Mentioned In The BRW Fast 100 Have Business Mentors and Coaches, and Another 44% Have a Board of Directors. External Advice to their Business is a Priority. 

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