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Blair Harding
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Queensland, 4217
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"Blair, look what we have done in just under 12 months!!! Not only did we turn a profit in the first eight months of opening the doors, … unheard of in our industry!!, we have grown 230% in the last six months alone!!  

I’ve employed a General Manager that has very specific targets to meet and all set up in such an easy way for me to manage remotely from any beach in the world!! We have truly created a "Systems Dependant " business, opposed to a people dependant business, and this had allowed me to move onto other ventures.

I look forward to working with you on our new venture and hope with your Coaching we can get more great results!

Thanks for putting up with my whinging and bitching and kicking me up the butt when I needed to be held accountable.  

As I said from the start, I sort of knew what I had to do to reach my goals, but it’s just having someone there that you can go to for advice to put things into perspective, show you a way to actually do it, then break it down to small bite size pieces so it’s not so overwhelming, that’s what I needed you for! Well done my friend!"

Glen Burgess, Gold Coast Luxury Holiday Homes 



"Blair has been a wonderful ray of light in our business. His energy and knowledge has brought us up to speed with the real issues at hand, that is, growth and productivity.

I have always known in the back of my mind the importance of working on my business, not in… but it took a bit of a push to get me to actually step back and see the big picture.  

I’m finally really happy with giving staff the responsibility to get on with the job and have learned that I am not actually the be all and end all of the store operations.

If you are looking to take the next step in your business, you must give Blair and ActionCOACH a try."

Kimberley Lingard, Michel’s Patisserie Myer Centre, QLD. 




"Thank you so much Blair for all your help. Not only have you TRIPLED my turnover in just over twelve months… a massive achievement on its own!!!, but I can now take three months holiday and actually know the business is growing without me being there.

You told me when we first met that a business was something that "GROWS" without you, well I now know after 12 months of hard work we have a "Real" business and not just a job.  You have had a massive influence on my life personally and have been there to guide me and push me when I felt like giving up.  You have been an incredible motivator and inspiring leader, and I am looking forward to franchising our concept around Australia with your help.

As much as we couldn’t afford the monthly investment at the start, I knew we couldn’t afford NOT to have you coach us, and almost instantly you had increased our cash flow. 

So thank you for believing in me and this business, and thanks for doing "Whatever It Takes" to get me to achieve these goals, your experience in helping people GROW, step up, take ownership and do what is needed to be done has worked its magic with myself personally and The Thai Foot Spa." 

K. Davey, The Thai Foot Spa 


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